Saturday, June 12, 2004

Spent a good deal of the day Saturday at the Fairfax County Virginia Fair. My kid is a fan of the Presidents of the United States of America and they were playing. What better way to earn points with my 12 year old than to take her to an almost free show by a band I don't hate too much! (Totally selfish gave me a good opportunity to take some photos of things not seen every day).

The day was beautiful. Mid 70s for temps, bright sun. After a drive to the local mall, then a trip on the shuttle bus, we managed to get there at about 3:03 and the band started at 3:00, so we bee-lined to stage area and saw everything but the first song. Not too bad.

I spent most of the time taking pix of the band (big John Kerry supporters too) in action, as well as anything else that caught my eye. Another day of complete camera envy. There were a couple of pro (or at least "more-pro-than-me") shooters there with some impressive gear. I got a cople of shots of them taking shots. Kinda recursive-photography, if you will.

I also managed to get a few decent shots of your typical carnival midway. Food booths, ferris wheels, brightly colored flags flying from rooftops of things, spinny throw-up rides, creepy monkey tattoo on some guy's leg.

Only problem with being out most of the day Saturday is that it left Sunday for my kid to do all of her homework, so I ended up having to bail out on my friend who was down in Richmond VA racing in the Xterra triathlon. So congrats go out to DT for being badass enough to take on Xterra and survive! Hit the link, read the blog and grab another ring-ding out of the box like the rest of us mortals.