Thursday, June 24, 2004

Back from the doc's office. No Lyme disease (*whew*). Doc didn't offer any ideas as to why I've had (what appears to be) two colds for three weeks. Matter of fact, he really didn't do any typical doctor stuff. No stethescope listening to my lungs, no feeling my throat for swollen glands, no bright lights in the ears, no "turn your head and cough" (ok, so I wasn't there for that, but a boy can dream, can't he?).

He did send me over to have blood drawn to "run some tests". Always a good sign. He said that although it didn't sound like Lyme disease, it could potentially be another insect-transmitted illness. Or maybe just a couple of colds in a row. Evidntly the blood will tell.

As for Lyme turns out that ticks have to be attached to you for about 24 hours to transmit it. A subtile detail not mentioned on any of the 20 Lyme disease websites I read (including the CDC ). Oh well. Note to web authors: add that little tidbit and save everybody some time :)