Monday, June 14, 2004

Trying to impliment some fancy comment code from Haloscan that my boy DT recommended. Not sure if it's configured correctly or not. It now appears that I have two comment links per blog post. Ah well, I don't feel like tinkering with it right now.

Oh, side note, totally unrelated to comments or Blogs...had my first performance review in 3 years at work today. Basically, the boss said he was totally happy with my work, and that I should try finding new things to entertain myself with (not like setting up the corporate pr0n server or anything...things that could eventually better the company). Net skool technology and such. I'm pretty happy, since the last couple of years here have been basically a "maintain-the-existing-gizmos" deal. I wasn't given the goahead to buy half a million in new hardware...but it's a start ;)

Oh, and I got a bit of a raise too. Couldn't have come at a better I'm broke and totally coveting my friend's Nikon D70. Still don't think I'll be able to roll out to the camera store and pick one up tonight tho. Ah well.

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