Sunday, June 20, 2004

So while I maintain that MD drivers are the worst in the universe (at least the universe surrounding DC), I think I've found the imbecil-queen of the idiot drivers.

Driving through a residential neighborhood in Arlington VA (30mph max speed limit), I hear a strange "clank" come off of my truck. Thinking there was a problem, I pulled over to a far left turn only lane, put on my hazzard lights, and come to a stop. There are still two perfectly good travel lanes to use.

This queen-fucking-dumbass-woman drives up behind me in her minivan and starts blowing her fucking horn. How abso-fucking-loutely stupid do you have to be to pull up behind somebody *obviously* having some kind of problem and blow your horn at them?? I mean, far as this dumbfuck knew, I could be outta gas, having a heart attack, engine could have blown up and blown a push rod through my skull. This dumbass had no idea. So what did she decide was the best course of action in this situation? Pull 15' behind me and blow her horn. And did she blow it once, realize I was having mechaincal (or medical) problems and pull around? NO! Her dumb ass sits behind me for 20 seconds blowing her horn 4 or 5 times. Argh! I was irate.

So to you, imbecil-queen, I wish the following: may your ovaries fall out of your body, and when they do, may you be wearing your favorite pair of shoes, and fuck them up too. I hate you.