Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Finally managed to sneak in a solo ride yesterday. First time since the never-ending house move started back on 3/15 (should be finished any day now!). I started at the Reston Ice Rink and headed west on the W&OD path. Made it about 7 miles out to Chruch Road before deciding to head back. The ride west was tough. There was a constant headwind that made me feel like I was riding into molasis. I mean, I'm slow anyway, but this killed me. Once I made the turn around, the trip back was a breeze (literally). Nice tailwind pushing me along. I must have cut 25% of my time.

I debated biking in to work today, but didn't have any clothes stashed at the office, so I'd have had to lug all that crap in a backpack. So I decided to drive in with a spare set of duds and plan on biking in more in the next few weeks (yay, spring!).

DT is putting together a real-live mountain bike ride tomorrow night. His Colt's Neck Loop ride in Reston. Should be a good time. I haven't been on the SS in months (I think). Yikes. Hope they don't mind waiting up for the fat kid.