Monday, April 04, 2005

I wonder...

I wonder when the government is going to make it illegal to be fat? I can see it now, they'll start issuing tickets, writing fines. Maybe even hand out some jail time. They can have stake (steak?) -outs at McDonalds restaraunts and bust all the fat people coming out with ginormous Double Quarter Pounder Meals with extra lard. Mmm mmmm.

I'm not saying this to poke fun at fat people. This whole line of thinking came about watching the 37 hour marathon of Biker Build-Off on the Discovery Channel Sunday. At one point, two of the motorcycle builders/riders elect to go helmet-less in a helmet law state. They're quickly busted and given tickets for this grevious offense. At this point, I think the girl asked me why there were motorcycle helmet laws (perhaps she stated why she thought there were helmet laws, I forget). I told her it was (theoretically) to keep insurance premiums down by keeping us all safe and secure (and totally defeating that whole "natural selection" thing that Darwin was kind enough to point out). I kinda started in on my little "helmet laws are dumb, seatbelt laws are dumb" tirade, when I started thinking about regulating fat people. I mean, if motorcycle helmet laws and car seatbelt laws are in effect to keep insurance premiums down by preventing people from needing to file claims, shoulnd't fat people be regulated for the same reason? I mean, what is the bigger health concern? Helmet-less (and seatbelt-less) vehicle accidents, or obesity and it's related effects (heart disease, diabetes, etc)? Here in the good ol'e USA, my bet would be on obesity.