Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Stuff that makes me laugh A repository of funny things said on IRC (chat rooms). The randomness is fantastic. Examples:

[khamosis] oh man... i had typed "hey! anyone awake?" in another channel about 20 minutes ago
[khamosis] and just now i saw it and typed "yes!" not realizing it was me

[Dan] we went to "the store" in our lunch break today
[Dan] there was this shop with the sign "coffee corn" above it
[Dan] it was meant to be 2 different signs but it looked like one
[Dan] and this girl that was with us asked "WTF is coffee corn"
[Dan] then later we walked around the other side and the other part of the sign said "nuts juice"

[appleboy] Are you chinese?
[transgress] do i look chinese motherfucker?

[SirCourage] So anyways, I knew at 1:30 am this morning that my english paper would not be finished, so I opened up explorer.exe in notepad, saved it as a .txt, emailed it to my school email and told them that their email server must have ruined my paper. I got an A- :D

* MTR continues to listen to his best of Poison cd
[ROB] That's gotta be one short fucking CD

I gotta go. There's a dude next to me and he's watching me type, which is sort of starting to creep me out. Yes dude next to me, I mean you.

[FBMachine] i got kicked out of barnes and noble once for moving all the bibles into the fiction section

[Sonium] someone speak python here?
[lucky] SSSSS
[Sonium] the programming language

[Patrician] what does your robot do, sam
[bovril] it collects data about the surrounding environment, then discards it and drives into walls

[Jakefeb3] do you know a turtles only weakness?
[AvatarOfSolusek] no
[AvatarOfSolusek] well
[AvatarOfSolusek] thier slowness
[Jakefeb3] there weakness is they cant roll over when they are on their backs
[AvatarOfSolusek] lol
[Jakefeb3] now i have a plan
[Jakefeb3] if i duck tape 2 turtles together they are unstoppable