Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Not much time for blog updates lately. Here's a quick wrap-up:

Saturday: went to mom's house and did yard work. Some other stuff prolly happened, but I'm not remembering it right now.

Sunday: was supposed to do a ride at Gambrill with a bunch of old friends, but my kid had a lacrosse game, so I had to miss the ride. Took the fancy camera to the lax game and realized being a sports photographer is harder than it looks. After the lax game, the kid, the girl and I did a short ride around Burke Lake. Not too strenuous, but definitely a nice time.

Monday night: met up with DT, Spearman and a few others for a ride around Wakefield and Accotink. DT and I managed to get separated from the rest of the group, so we ended up tooling around Accotink for a while. Eventually got back to Wakefield where the others managed to coax me into doing a "quick lap" on the new trials (in the dark, by this point). The trails are incredible, but by the time I was done...I was done. Can't wait to get back and try the new trails out in the daylight, when I can enjoy them more and not wonder what hideous thing I'm about to slam into with each turn. It was a great ride. I'm guessing 12-14 miles total (based on Spearman's ride length).

Tuesday: finally replaced my 2.5 year old cell phone with a fancy new one. Enough pieces had broken off of the old one that I felt justified in doing so. Being the elite photowannabe guy, I had to get a phone with a camera...even if it is a crappy 640x480 (307,200 pixel?) model. The 1.2 megapixel cams are still a couple of hundred bucks, and I can't really justify that. Anyway, I spent the first couple of hours with this phone the same way I spend my first couple of hours with any new Dell computer at work: deleting 95% of the shit they install on there. I mean, really...who wants some f*cking googoogaagaa baby noise ringtone? Anybody? I doubt it. What about a hundred of these stupid little cube freak icons? Anybody? I didn't think so. With a whopping 6MB of space on my phone, each byte is precious. I don't appreciate it when they install 2.5MB of shit. Then, on top of that, at least 1.5MB of useless shit is "protected" and can't be deleted. I hate it when people feed me shit I don't want and don't let me get rid of it. It's not like it's even branded shit, like a SonyEricsson logo icon or something. Just some random cube freak icons and some random sounds can't be deleted. So SonyEricsson have decided for me how to best use 1.5MB of my 6MB storage on the phone.

Good thing I have 30 days to dump it if I really get annoyed with it.

Wednesday night: supposed to be meeting up with a couple of people to get another ride in. Hopefully I'll be back in some kind of respectable riding condition one day soon. I'm tired of being the fat kid/boat anchor.