Sunday, October 31, 2004

48 Hours and a spark of hope

So, just 48 hours to go until it's all over (not counting the inevitable lawsuits, of course). I have to say, I'm scared. Seriously. I don't know if we lefties can pull this out. I'm not sure how I'll survive another 4 years under this mongoloid-dic(k)tator. I really mean it. I may have to start researching housing prices in Canada. They can't be any worse than here in DC.

So if all goes as planned, in two days we'll know if the majority of Americans are bright enough to see thru the dic(k)tator's bullshit and fearmongering, or if they are the selfish ("don't tax me, tax the poor people!", gullible ("terror terror terror is comin' to get 'cha!", sheep I suspect. I hope things go well, but I have my suspicions And I doubt I'll sleep much tomorrow night.


While I'm not generally a superstitious person, I just have to say I'm extrememly happy to see that Washington Redskins lost their game against the Green Bay Packers today. Why, you may ask? It seems that the Redskins have had a habit of correctly picking the winner of each presidential election since 1933. Bullshit, you say? Perhaps. But it's something to hope for.