Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Nature Photography 001

Just like Nature Photography 101, only more basic-er.

This past weekend was a learning experience in kayak-based photography.

Herons are nervous creatures which, surprisingly, share at least one trait with Imperial Star Destroyers (from Star Wars). They dump thier garbage (aka: they take a shit) before jumping to hyperspace (aka: flying off). I base this on the observation of three individual Herons, seen in two different locations and two different times. Two of the three did the dump/launch as I fumbled for my camera (not realizing a dump was forthcoming). Thankfully, I was too slow with the camera to catch any of the "action" as it happened.

On this particular expedition, I actually missed what was probably the best framed subject I'll ever encounter. As I was in my kayak, looking towards shore, I saw a Great Blue Heron, standing on a log, between two trees. Perfectly framed. But since I'm a bit nervous about having my rather expensive camera unprotected around my neck in an unstable boat, by the time I retrieved said camera from my dry-bag, the bird had dumped and launched. So, the best I can offer you, gentile reader, is my best 'MS Paint' representation of the shot you, and I, missed out on:

I'm telling ya was a beautiful sight.