Friday, October 15, 2004


Tomorrow, I get to go play "official" photographer for the Ferrari-Maserati of Washington track event at Summit Point Raceway in WV. I think the "official" designation was just so that I could get in to the track and not have to pay the driver's fee (I kinda work for the company) and hopefully score some free lunch and maybe a ride-along.

From what I can gather, a track event is like a race, without the racing. There are roughly 120 various cars expected to attend (from Ferraris and Maseratis, all the way to VWs and other daily drivers). They will tear-ass around the track at rediculous speeds, but technically won't be going against each other. I expect to spend a good deal of my day standing on some interesting corner of the track, happily clicking away. I hope I can get some good shots. I'm still not terribly confidant with the new equipment.

So hopefully in the next week, I'll have something worth showing off here. Tune in then!