Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"A bad day at the track...

...is better than a good day at the office", or so I've been told.

Saturday went to the Ferrari/Maserati of Washington track event in Summit Point, WV and took a ton of shots. Not a lot of time to tell it in story form, so I'll summarize: It was cool. I wish I could have attended both days, and I'd definitely do it again. It was tough shooting (periods of rain/no rain/total cloud cover/blinding sun/100+mph subjects...repeat). Lotsa cool, cool cars. Lotsa opportunity to feel like a pro shooter (although the results clearly showed I'm not). I spent about 8-9 hours at the track total.

I'm still working on post-processing the shots. I took more than 1,300 over the course of the day...roughly 3.88GB of images. Of those I could trash about 400 immediately (totally out of focus, totally missed the subject car as it zoomed out of the frame, etc). Some of the keepers I present for you here (the originals are larger and of much better quality. These have been resized and recompressed (.jpg) after sharpening in the Gimp, so they look pretty soft):


MMMM...Lamborghini. Mean.

mmm...Ferrari Challenge car.

Mmmm...'nother Ferrari Challenge car.

Porche 911 (I'm fairly sure).

Who the hell let *that* thing in here...and when do the clowns come piling out? This is actually a French car (I forget the manufacturer) which is powered by a Vespa engine. I don't know if the engine is from a scooter, or is just built by the company, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was an engine from a scooter. My shoe size is 13. I'd say this car is about a size 16. Shaq could wear a pair of them as rollerskates.

As a bonus to the car weekend, on the way to the track, I happened to pass a hot air balloon fest. I just had to chase it down and get pix of the participants. Only one post-processed so far:

Maybe not a "once in a lifetime" weekend, but definitely something different.