Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A glimmer of hope

Posted a new picture up to eighteenpercent.net today.

Took a bit of tinkering in Gimp and a new noise reduction program that I found to get it looking nice. It was exposed kinda dark, but I knew that when I snapped it. The sky was really bright, and the subject darker, so it was a tough exposure. I finally feel like I'm getting a handle on this new camera. It's a lot more sensitive, and a lot less forgiving than my old camera (which, btw, is going off to it's new home, courtesy of Ebay).

The shot was taken during a photography day Sunday. In the morning I went to the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge in MD and tried to take some nature shots. I didn't find much happening, but I get one shot I'm hopeful about. Stay tuned and see if it makes the grade to get posted online :)

On the way home from there, I was passing the Pentagon and Iwo Jima memorial as the sun was setting. I decided to stop and see if I could get anything. Ideally, I'd have been there an hour earlier, so I wouldn't have felt so rushed. But as it was, I managed to get a couple of nice shots of DC, Iwo Jima, and National Cemetary. I also found a couple of really cool potential shots, but was unable to capture them cuz of the lighting. Gotta put a split neutral-density filter on my xmas list this year.