Monday, January 24, 2005

Blowing the dust off

In the 80s, I spent a good bit of my life memorizing the bass riffs in nearly every song by Iron Maiden. As well as other 80s hair-metal bands I'm not willing to admit to.

By the 90s, I had progressed to learining Jane's Addiction, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More (among others). (Keep in mind, please that this was when the Chili Peppers were good, if not great. Not what they became later. Disgraceful).

Now, in the '00s (as I like to call them the "ooooh"s), I've decided that I need to blow the dust off the old basses and start playing more. Most of what I listen to these days is electronic (and thus, hard to play along with). About the only two bands that make me want to pick up the bass again are Bad Religion and Tool. So I've decided to learn as many BR songs as possible. (Maybe some Tool too, they tend to have weird bass tunings and stuff, right now, I'm digging the punk sounds). A good resource for this project of mine is the Online Guitar Archive where they store guitar and bass sheet music (in tablature form) for countless songs. The seem to be a bit lacking in bass tabs for BR tho. Guess I have something to do.