Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Oh goodie

Guess who's the new neighborhood pedophile? Yep. You got it.

I just had a visit from two of VA's finest. It seems that while I was taking the pix of the below "Kyoto Now" van, there were a couple of kids around, sledding. I waited until they were well out of the frame before taking any pix, but they got creeped out, and told their parents that some guy in a totally identifiable truck was sitting in the middle of the street with his hazard lights on, taking their picture. Pretty stealty of me, right?

So I explained to the officers that I was taking pix of the van because it had been spray-painted with the title of a song by a band I liked and it was a curiosity, especially with the Inauguration tomorrow. I showed them my Blog, plus all 6 or 8 of the shots I took, and my ID and they left, seemingly satisfied. I'm a bit concerned, however, as to how I'll be looked at around the 'hood from now on.

Overall, I'm pretty creeped out myself.