Sunday, January 30, 2005

Wild Friggin' Kingdom

Noticed a mourning dove sitting outside of my bedroom window in the snow Sunday morning, so (naturally) I grabbed my camera and fired off a ton of shots. This is the best of the bunch:

(Look for a better/bigger shot on soon.)

A bit later, we went downstairs for breakfast. While getting things ready, I look out the back window and see a bigass hawk, pulling apart some small, fuzzy thing in my back yard. No big deal in the country, but I happen to live in the middle townhouse in suburban-hell. So, it was kinda a big deal. I dash upstairs, get dressed, throw on my boots, grab the camera (naturally) and run out the front door. The plan was to circle the townhouse row and come up on the bird from outside my back fence. The snow did me in, as it wasn't the quiet powdery kind, it was the heavy kind that squeaks when you walk on it. I got to a point where I could peek through wooden plank fence slats. I saw that every time I moved, he'd stop eating the fuzzy and look around nervously. So I shot maybe ten half-assed shots through the fence before deciding I would try to sneak closer and get my camera above the fence. That worked well. I took one step, and he took off. Oh well. Sorry for interrupting breakfast, bird.

Here's the best of that series:

Sorry for the dark smudging on both sides of the image. That's the best I could do when cropping out the fence I was shooting through. Don't look for this one on It's pretty rough quality. Not "good" from a technical (or aesthetic) standpoint, but interesting enough that I thought I'd share.