Thursday, January 27, 2005

No Child Left Behind...for the war machine

I heard the other day that little noticed provision of the "No Child Left Behind" act that Bush signed into law in 2001 was that any high school that recieves federal funds (lots, probably most...if not all of them) must turn over names, addresses and phone numbers of it's seniors and juniors to military recruiters. Oh joy.

I origianally heard this on NPR, but all they have is an audio segment here. I then found the following written article:

Maynard, who was puzzled at how the recruiter got his telephone number, experienced one of the military's weapons in recruiting: The No Child Left Behind Law. Thousands of high school students across America are being recruited by telephone because federal lawmakers passed the law in 2001 with a little-noticed provision that requires the nation's public schools to report the names, phone numbers and addresses of high school juniors and seniors to the military.

Pretty sneaky.