Friday, January 21, 2005

The war on sobriety, pt. 2

If you haven't read part one, scroll down (or click here) and do so before reading this.

Anyway, continuing...

We arrived at 7th and D to find a large number of people and cops milling about. Clearly, we had missed the exciting part of the rukus. We spent some time in the intersection talking with the other protesters. When it was clear that there was no more rukus-making forthcoming, we decided to head over to Zack's work. He had a couple of things to take care of, and the rest of us wouldn't mind the heat of an office building.

At the office, Zack does what he needs to do, while the rest of us annoy the shit out of his coworkers, who are trying their best to be productive. They were good sports to not throw staplers and shit at us. Thanks guys!

After the office space interlude, someone comes up with the bright idea to go over to the bar across the street from the office (a dangerous place for a bar, no?). Not seeing any reason to forgo this, we head over. More beers and bar-food ensue. Thankfully we get there at 3:53pm and only have to wait 7 minutes for Happy Hour to go into full effect.

Sometime after 4:30pm, somebody suggests that we head out and ride back to Dupont Circle to meet up with the Crit Mass ride scheduled for 5pm. We arrive back at Dupont to find a number of the usual suspects from the morning ride milling about. Still no obvious leader, so Zach again attempts to rally the troops. It seems to work, and there seems to be a group as we ride off into the city. A block or two later, it seems what group there was decided it wasn't time to ride yet, and peeled off. Now, it's just DT, Steve, Zach, me and a couple of CM guys. I'm not really sure where the breakdown occurred, but the six or eight of us ride off, kinda in search of the "main group" (assuming one even existed). At some point, the few people we didn't know peeled off, and it was just the four of us. Not ones to let something like that get us down, we ride around, in and out of traffic for a while longer before calling it quits, sometime around 7pm-ish (I think). From the few mails I've received from the CM list today, evidently, the main group had a good ride as well.

We head back towards home (Zach on his bike, the rest of us in my truck). Hit Arlington, get DT's car. Hit Lost Dog for pizza. Drop Steve and pizza off at DT's and head home. The end to a very very cool day. Even if it was the first day of the new term of our dumb president. Only 3 years, 364 more days to go. Tick tock tick tock.