Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Be careful what you search for...

On amazon.com, I did a search for sex and the city 6. The g/f is a fan, and I'm trying to see when the second half of the 6th season comes out. Got a few suprise hits (note, semi-adult related content to follow):

Invader Zim Vol 1.

Doc Johnson Crystal Jelly 6 Inch Butt Plug. Which features: "New shapes of Crystal Jelly butt plugs will put a sparkle in your anal play. Use this baby alone or with a partner. 6 inches of pure delight!"

Doc Johnson iToys 6 Inch Strawberry Dildo

Doc Johnson iToys 6 Inch Grape Vibe Vibrator Massager

Ultra Realistic Dongs 6 Inch Dildo Non-Vibrating Vibrator Personal Massager