Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I decided to add a new column on my main blogger page. Endorsements. After doing a couple of rides with some new (and not so new) parts on the bike, I thougth it worthwile to post my experieces (after all, I am an opinionated bastard). A couple of new toys have really struck me as priceless additions to the riding experience. Keep in mind, I've not been paid for these glowing reviews (...yet. I'm always willing to negotiate my sell-out-ness). Anyway, the first three entries on the "rant-o-riffic must have bike stuff list" are: ODI Lock-on grips (rock solid and slip proof, even when huffing up hills singlespeed style), Hutchinson Green downhill tubes (pinch proof, even for my 240lb fatboy delux bod. Bent a rim and still didn't pinch) and the Halo II (keep-the-friggin'-sweat-outta-my-eyes) headband.

For now, I'm tired from my ride earlier, so I'll finish up with some links tomorrow. Out.