Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bike to work, Phase III: Success!

I AM LANCE ARMSTRONG...only in very small scale (and not diddling that semi-hot-yet-older-singner-chick, cuz my girlfriend would kick my ass). Do I qualify for a "cars r coffins" sticker yet?

This day, I have begun my bike to work life. Left the house (in the truck) at 7am. Drove past my launch point, to the local video rental joint. Dropped off Hellboy at the local video rental joint (review currently in my "Drafts" folder...will be posted soon). Drove the two blocks back to the launch point. Mounted my trusty road steed (a 1976 Motobecane Super Mirage yard sale find, provided by DT a couple of years ago). And sped off into the sunset...err...sunrise.

Commute went something like this:

7:20am: start @ W&OD Trail, Vienna VA
Mile 2: cross Gallows road
Mile 3: cross over Rt 66. Feel pity for poor schmucks sitting in traffic below.
Mile 4.5: Cross over Rt 7. Feel pity for poor schmucks sitting in traffic below.
Mile 4.75: Leave West onto Great Falls St.
Mile ??: Leave GF St. onto McGarity.
Mile 8.5: At work. Travel time 40 minutes.
8:10am: In my office and changed, and all fancied-up.

Number of revelations achieved: 1. Evidently all of the friendly people are on the WOD in the mornings. I got more "hi"s and "good morning"s than I've ever experienced. The silent majority were still both. But the frienly minority were out in force too.

If I worked 8.5 miles from home and could ride the entire length on the W&OD, I would commute, without question, by bike every day. The semi-sketchy parts of my commute are the roads (Great Falls Street in particular) where I'm sharing a single lane with vehicles. Cars don't bother me too much, but the occasional trash truck, or dump truck scare the shit outta me. Luckily a lot of GF St. is a lane and a half or has a bike-path-esque sidewalk. So hopefully I'll be able to keep this commuting by bike thing up.