Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A couple of thoughts with "cars" as the main theme today...

1) If the license plate on your Audi TT reads "COOL DUD" you are either not enough of the former, or too much of the latter.

2) In what way does the average Hyundai-driving Joe Blow think a re-elected GWBush is going to benefit them? I sincerely doubt that GW is aiming for the Hyundai demographic. Somehow, I think H2s and Navigators are more his style. So why is it that I have seen a couple Hyundais with GWB stickers?? I mean, if I saw Hyundai Joe driving along with a GWB sticker on one side and an "I'm a scary NRA guy, and I vote" then maybe I'd understand. Maybe a "My White Christian God can beat up your pretend Dark Skinned God". Or "I'm a middle-class white male and I don't like abortion" and a GWB sticker...then maybe. But if you drive a Hyundai and you don't align yourself with some facet of the Republican party other than the fiscal aspect, I sincerely think you're gonna regret supporting them.

Unless of course daddy's trust fund just hasn't started paying off yet.

This goes for you too, Mr. beatup Corolla driving guy. What's he going to do for your middle-class-ass? Mabye give you more roads through forest land to drive your piece of shit car on. But not much else.