Sunday, July 25, 2004

Random thoughts on the use of the word "Extreme" in advertising are thus:

You should only be allowed to call your product (or sport) "Extreme" (or "XTREME") if and only if your product or sport has the potential to kill it's users (or participants).

Extreme sports should have the ability to kill you. Bottom line. Extreme skiing. Ok...Above 20,000', in avalanche condition, jumping out of a helecopter. Extreme skydiving? One in 20 parachutes are actually backpacks full of sweatsocks. Extreme soccer? Two words: Land mines. XTREME chess? Fuck it, can't happen. Not even the 21st century marketing machine can make something that lame "extreme". If your KoolAid is "XTREME BLUEBERRY", one in 10 packs of that shit should contain enough cyanide to kill a mule. "Extreme Cheetoes" in ten bags should be filled with 16oz of puffed plastique and should blow your face off when you open it.

So stop trying to sell the world your bullshit by slapping on an "extreme" label and trying to make it cool.