Monday, July 12, 2004

Dear Potomac Mills Mall cop,

How dare you give my girlfriend shit about the "John Kerry for President" bumpersticker on her car when she calls you for assistance?

Girlfriend: "It's the silver car with a John Kerry bumpersticker on the back.
Dumbfuck Cop: "You probably don't need to be saying that too loud here in Bush country".

Fuck you!

Maybe you want to read up on some of old Bush 2.0's policies towards law enforcement before you plant your donut-eating ass firmly on his bandwagon:

President Bush has proposed deep cuts to important law enforcement programs as part of his Fiscal Year 2004 budget for the Department of Justice (DOJ). While the President has talked about supporting law enforcement and securing our homeland, he is proposing to eliminate the successful Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program and severely cut funding for local and state law enforcement agencies as they work to protect our communities against terrorism and to fight crime and drugs.

-or maybe-

"By FY 2011...justice spending (e.g., law enforcement) is down 13.8%".

Sounds like a good reason to stay in Bush country if you ask me.