Thursday, February 10, 2005

The girl kicks ass!

Got a little present at work today by way of

The girl bought me two six-packs of New Belgium Brewery's Fat Tire Amber Ale. A tasty amber (complete with bicycle theme), almost never found east of the Mississippi (at least not that I've found). In fact, after hearing about it for a couple of years, my first encounter with it was a few months ago in San Francisco. I can see why those westerners want to keep it for themselves.

It wasn't a particularly cheap gift (as far as beer goes). I think the shipping cost more than the $16 beer. Ah well. A worthy investment, I say. 1 given to the boss. 2 consumed with dinner. 9 left. Man, they don't last long, do they? make reference to a couple of other dangerous creatures, but they don't seem to have them for sale currently. Might be something to keep an eye on for future purchases.

Thanks baby.