Thursday, February 17, 2005

You know what I hate?...

Product placement in TV news programs. Does my local Fox morning news think I give a flying f*ck what happened on the last episode of "American Idiot"? They must, because they keep telling me about it each morning. Does my local NBC affiliate think anything in my world will change if I don't know who got voted off of Survivor the previous night? It won't. (And I know what you're going to say about expecting great things from Fox news. But it's the only station showing local news that I can get on the rabbit-ears-antenna-havin' TV in my bedroom).

It would be one thing if they were reporting on "entertainment news". I could almost forgive that (tho, in my opinion "news" should be stuff that has an impact on the world/nation/community. "Entertainment" and even "sports" for the most part shouldn't count. But each local network has a strange way of only reporting on the "entertainment" value of their own programs.

Please stop.