Thursday, February 17, 2005

Semi-instant Karma

Editor's note: This is not a happy story. And I use the word "fuck" a lot. You have been warned.

"Mom Charged in Pet Arson That Killed Kids"

Since the story is copyrighted and all, I'll just re-tell it:

Stardate 1990: This fucking idiot woman had two kids (toddlers) and a dog. One of the kids was allergic to the dog, so the fucking idiot woman "tried to get the dog to run away", which didn't work out. So then she drove the dog "several miles" from home and abandoned it (evidently Pittsburgh has exactly zero dog pounds/humane societies/animal shelters). Unfortunately (for the dog) he found his way home. So then this fucking idiot woman and her fucking idiot friend douse the dog in gasoline and set it on fire. (Nice. If I were king of the world, an application of Hammurabi's law would be meeted out right about here and this story would have a semi-happy ending). The flaming dog, in a last ditch attempt to avenge it's own horrible death, runs into the house and sets it on fire, which ends up killing this fucking idiot woman's two kids. Payback's a bitch, huh.

So, I suppose I shouldn't make jokes about Darwin cleaning out the gene pool or anything. But I really can't help it.

As for the latest chapter of this sorry tale...Stardate 2005: the fucking idiot woman has *finally* been charged with criminal homicide in the deaths of her two kids and is facing prison time. Better late than never, I guess. They ought to tack on an animal cruelty charge too.

If you still haven't heard enough, Google News Search to the rescue.

And for a more funner take, read the Fark comments on the story. User comments are always a hoot.