Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why I love NPR

1) No commercials
2) Smarter reporting
3) More in-depth stories (tho this gets a little old when the story is a 20 minute report on the 'Great Gouda Cheese Shortage in Katmandu in 1978'. But still).
4) Today (2/1/05), they told me it was Exene Cervenka's birthday. (She's one of the singers for the seminal punk band X (and also Mrs. Viggo "Aragorn" Mortnesen)).

How many local "rock", "modern rock" or "alternative" radio stations do you think will even mention this little tidbit? My bet is 0. Would that number have changed if WHFS was still around? Nope.

Ooh, the birthday thing also means that my kid shares a birthday with Exene. Pretty cool! (Side note: I'm now officially the parent of a teenager, god help us all). I only share my birthday with Einstein. He's OK, but not very punk.