Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Met up with DT, Jason (DiscoCowboy), and Steve (www.i' last night. They were kind enough to invite me along on their new weekly Swill ride. Basic premise: ride, drink, ride, end. The week before, they did about 40 miles out to Old Dominion Brewery and back. This week, we started in Falls Church and rode into Founder's bar in Alexandria. It was only about 15 miles each way, but by the time we got to the bar, I was done. I tried a couple of new beers, ate a burger, and called the girl to come rescue me (thanks again baby). Yep, I bailed. I can blame it on the cold I'm coming off of. Or blame it on the hills through Roselyn (I did a 20 miler' a few weeks back with DT without problem). But the bottom line is that I need to get my fat ass out and ride more often. Even with the guys holding back for me, I was playing boat anchor the whole time. Thanks for taking it easy on me!